Money-I Have Been Searching

During my week fun long journey on finding ways to make money online, I have found more than what I was expecting.  I have met and developed friendships with people in the communities.  Whether it was in forums, articles that I have been searching on ways to make money.  Even a game that I have been playing, ESPN’s Streak For The Cash.  That is a game where you try to build a streak at the end of the month, and whoever has the longest streak, wins money or whoever has the most monthly win also wins money.  I have met friends on a new affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate.  This program is owned by two people, Kyle and Carson.  This program is different from other affiliate programs, where the owners actually walk you step by step, and if you have any questions, the two will answer them on their site through discussion boards or you can email them.  Their site shows you how to find your niche, which is something that you are trying to promote and finding a targeted audience and how to be indexed into search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  They also teach you how to write content that will be appealing to an audience.  As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I had already signed up to one affiliate program called Get Paid by Taking Pictures through ClickBank.  This journey for me has been fun and exciting and I am still searching for ways to make money online.  There is not one way that is perfect for anyone to make money.  I have done surveys on a site called MySurvey, and might look to join Vindale Research to do more surveys.  I am doing two affiliate programs to promote and playing virtual games online such as Streak For The Cash.  Even though I am not getting paid for it, I signed up to Daily Pages where there is a prompt and you respond to it, each and every day.  You may not get paid, but you can potentially be featured on its site and can potentially develop some sort of a platform and can draw people to become part of your audience.  Anyways, there are endless ways to earn money online.  Like the saying goes, “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.”  You have to be diversified if you want to make money online.  I have seen one post on Facebook that read, a millionaire has at least seven different incomes streaming into his or her account.  If you want to live big, you have to think big.  Thanks for reading.  Please share, like, comment.  Happy New Year!!!!

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Paid Taking Pictures!-Insider Secrets Into Earning Money

I would like to say, welcome, to anyone who is now discovering this post, and looking for a way to earn additional income.  I want to start off by telling a little bit about myself, and why I am writing this article.  I am a produce associate who works at Wal mart, and my luck has not been good at all.  I have been working at Wal mart since I was in college obtaining a degree in clinical research.  Now, I have the degree and still am working at Wal mart.  I have applied endlessly to clinical research organizations to get out of Wal mart.   While I love working with the people there, it is not getting me anywhere, and I am living paycheck to paycheck.  I have been working at Walmart for over three years and had my degree for over two years.  I have been trying to pay back my loans for over two years.  I had to spent what little loan money I had left to pay off a chuck of my loans, borrow money from parents, friends and family.  One day, I had said to myself, enough is enough.  I am almost 28 years old and should be living better than this. There has to be a better way to earn money.  I went browsing on the internet to look for ways to earn extra money.  I saw sites where people can take surveys and earn cash or reward points, but those were for meager earnings.  Then I said to myself, I should not be too picky, making anything on the web would be additional income for me to save and try to pay back loans, start up a savings account, or whatever to improve my situation.  I kept browsing on the internet, reading articles on how to make money online, and then yesterday, I came across a site where I can get paid to take pictures.  I was like, WHAT!!! I was thinking, I can take pictures, but was hoping there were not any strict requirements for me to do this.  I got lucky, and it said, as long as you knew how to use a camera or smartphone, or any phone with a camera on it.  I was like, this should be easy, since I already took pictures from time to time and upload them on social media.  You might be wonder like me,  how and why. When I first saw this site, “Why are companies paying people to do such a simple task that they can do themselves?”  The answer is time.   There are multi million dollar companies who want people like you to take ordinary pictures and are willing to pay for it, because they do not have enough time to do it themselves.  Continue reading if interested on how you can join.

Anyway, when I read through the site, it said people were making money just taking pictures of a beach ball, dogs, cats, people going out to restaurants, shopping, chatting, smiling, regular and candid pictures,etc.  How this works in order for you to get paid is that you take pictures of ordinary things, and upload them to special sites that these multi million dollar companies are paying you.  In order to know more about these special sites to upload picture to, you have to join, in which you can by clicking the link at the bottom of the post.  Another cool thing about this site is that you keep paying for pictures that you already uploaded.  Moving on, in the video that I saw on the site, people were making up to $500+ daily for taking and uploading pictures, astonishing.  The more pictures you upload and time you put into it, the more money you can potentially make.  Anyway, the person who came up with this site was a former Wal mart employee.  He made $3,647 a month by taking and uploading pictures. I was stoked.  That fully instilled into me the belief that I could do this as well.  Thanks for reading and hope you will join this excellent opportunity in earning additional money.  GO HERE NOW Click Here!   Please share and comment.