Making Money-Leading To Other Things

In my last post, Money-I Have Been Searching, I wrote about finding more than just making money online.  I developed relationships with people through forums and other sites I had gone on in order to make money online.  In this post, this will be a continuation from my last one.

Throughout my week long journey of finding ways to make money online, it has helped me grow, personally.  I felt like I connected better with people than I have ever had before, because I am typically a reserved type person.  I do not usually opened up to people that easy.  I had felt very warmed and welcomed through the forums, sites into the communities of online people.  This has made my experience on searching for ways to make money online very fun and exciting.  At first for me, I felt scared.  I did not know how people would treat me when I may ask them for help on ways of making money online.  The experience had better than I was expecting.   The amount of support was overwhelming.  People were sending me links and other sites to my inboxes that would be useful to me in getting started on making money online.  I know I cannot speak for everyone, but if you are someone who has thought of trying to make money online, you should go for it.  There are ton of people who are willing and want to help you.  Like I mentioned earlier, I was scared and kind of skeptical of finding ways to make money.  I did not want to feel like I am bothering something if I were to ask for help; did not want to run into a lot of scams.  Anyone can asks for help, like on a website called Quora, where people can go on an ask on ways to make money, or ask, do you think is a good site or a scam, etc.  People will be very warming and be willing to answer any question that you may have.  People online want to see other people succeed as well.  That is what has my experience online so much fun.   It is about connecting and building relationships with one another and wanting the best for each other.  Thanks for reading.  Please share, comment, and like.

Making Money Online-Hearing The Other Side(Readers)

First off, I would like to say, welcome.  In my first post, I spoke about a personal story that influenced me into writing articles about wanting to try to make money online.  Go here to read it, Everything You Need To Know About Getting Paid Taking Pictures!-Insider Secrets Into Earning Money.  In this post, I will speak about you, the readers, and how you all feel about making money online.  I know for me, it all revolved around my current situation.  I was a recent graduate who was/and still is buried in all this student loan debt and could not find any job opportunity in the field that I went to school for, which was clinical research.  Did any of the following situations speak to you about your current situation of wanting to make supplement income online, such as:  You were living paycheck to paycheck, had very little to no leisure time for yourself or spending with family and friends, stressing over debt and outstanding bills, always working and have very little time of sleeping etc?  If you were to make extra money online, say like, an additional $1,000/month, what would you do with that money?   Would you plan a vacation with family or friends or both, starting eating out more, putting money into a savings or retirement account (IRA), buying another home or car, investing into stocks, etc? The possibilities are endless of what someone would do if he or she had an extra $1,000/month, just throwing a random number out there.  That would be awesome.  You would  have financial freedom and would be feeling very empowering, to say the least.  There would be no more stressing over bills, working all day and having little to no sleep, worrying about your future as far as retiring comfortably, and living paycheck to paycheck with the extra money coming into your account.  With making money online, you would start feeling better and having more of a peace of mind, having better health since you would not be stressing over finance, having more of a greater sense of self-worth, and the main point, enjoying life.  That is what it is all about, loving and enjoying life.  We all only live once, so make the best of it.  Thanks for reading.  If you like, please share any experience or feeling that you have towards of making money online.  Thanks once again and hope you enjoyed reading my post.  Happy New Year!!!!