Make Money Online-Communication Is Key To Connections

Welcome to my post, everyone.  Making money online is more than that.  Communication is the key to connecting with people.  This is my second week on learning on how to make money online.  I have learned about niche, finding new readers, ranking in search engines, attracting links to my site, finding the right keyword phrases, categories etc. through the Wealthy Affiliate program as well as the Cornerstone Content Challenge.  A person wants to provide some sort of service that someone is searching through on the web.  That person’s website will be the foundation on whatever information the is and the people who are searching for a particular topic.  That particular topic is that person’s niche.  Finding a niche is only the tip of the iceberg.  Picking and finding the right keyword phrases are crucial in driving traffic to a person’s website. A person wants to have the right keyword phrases that people usually type into their computers/laptops/smartphones or whatever device they use to have them to come to that person’s site for the information they were searching.  Picking the right keywords is how someone’s communicating with the people who is searching for a particular topic (Person’s niche) to help them draw to his or her website in order to connect and hopefully to build a relationship with the people who visits that person’s website so they can continue to come to that person site and maybe eventually subscribe to that person’s website.  I had only one sole purpose in mind, which was to make money online.  I am an introverted person, so forming relationship and connecting was the last thing on my mind.  As I have been searching and looking for ways to make money online.   The main and important reason to make money online and being successful is forming and building relationships with people online.  So far, I am having a good time.  Communication is the key to connecting with people and being successful.  Thanks for reading.  Please share, like, comment.

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